Author: Len

  • Laravel Hosting in Raleigh and Charlotte

    I very rarely host websites for people, but I did just upgrade my server which is now at 0.02% capacity. I’m near Raleigh, and the server is in Charlotte. If someone needed a local place to host a Laravel project they could reach out to me. As long as it isn’t going to bog…

  • Network Solutions Sending out Urgent Alerts for Missing Information on Google

    Network Solutions Sending out Urgent Alerts for Missing Information on Google

    Lots of people have been receiving this email below which reads: Alert — Missing Information on Google™ In order to rank effectively in Google’s search engine results it is important to ensure that your business information is complete and accurate. The most effective way to accomplish this is to create a Google My Business profile,…

  • Seeing GoDaddy Parked Page Instead of Website



    I have noticed that sometimes people will go to visit their website and it is missing. This happens most often with people who use GoDaddy’s WordPress Webshosting. Instead of seeing their website, they just see a page which reads This Web page is parked for FREE, courtesy of This happens most often when a…

  • [SCAM] Complete Search Engine Registration Notice

    If you ever receive an email like this, ignore it. These often show up a month or two after registering a new domain name. It is important to not even bother replying. The scammers in this case scan the web for new domain names and then use your registration info to contact you and tell…

  • [Alpha] Scheduled Maintenance August 9 2016

    There is a scheduled outage planned for August 9 2016 between midnight and 5AM. Alpha will be unreachable for around 30 minutes on Tuesday morning while the rack it is on receives an upgraded switch.

  • How To Add a Subdomain to GoDaddy for a Website Hosted Elsewhere

    How To Add a Subdomain to GoDaddy for a Website Hosted Elsewhere

    May 22 2016: I am adding this article today for future reference and because the page on GoDaddy’s site which tells you how to add a subdomain is incorrect. There are times when you will need to add a blog to a site or WordPress as a blog to site or eCommerce store which does…

  • No, DNS Propagation Does Not Take 24 – 48 Hours

    Many many years ago changes at your registrar to your DNS settings took 24 – 48 hours. The Internet of 2016 however is much faster. Yes, DNS wlil take time to hit ever DNS server on the planet, but if you change your nameservers for example and you’re hosted in the USA you can expect…

  • Google Analytics Referral Spam from

    Over the last couple of days we have been seeing a lot of referral spam in various client’s Google Analytics accounts from At the moment, we’re not quite sure what it is or what the point of it is. Blocking the domain in Analytics does not help. There is an ongoing discussion at the…

  • WordPress IDX Hosting



    Some real estate websites can be resource intensive. Finding a good host to take care of WordPress and an IDX can be extremely difficult. I know as I’ve been there. One of he reasons we have this server is for a couple of real estate websites which we host. While our brokers are here in…

  • cPanel 54 Upgrade cPanel 54 Upgrade

    February 2, 2016: Telapost servers have upgraded to cPanel 54. Notes: Release notes Users who were running X3 now have: Retro style of the Paper Lantern theme