Laravel Hosting in Raleigh and Charlotte

I very rarely host websites for people, but I did just upgrade my server which is now at 0.02% capacity.

I’m near Raleigh, and the server is in Charlotte.

If someone needed a local place to host a Laravel project they could reach out to me. As long as it isn’t going to bog down the server we could probably arrange something.

Why Laravel?

When I put this server online in 2014 it was simply because I had so many bad experiences hosting websites, and I needed a place for all of my projects.

Just today, I was looking for a place to host a Laravel site and I was forced to make all kinds of crazy decisions on how to deploy it on Digital Ocean and attempt to figure out how much Laravel hosting costs. There was no set price, just varying prices for drips or drops or something – no idea. This may make sense to some people, but for me I like to have 1 simple recurring charge made to my credit card each month.

Indeed, I am Laravel ignorant – I hired a developer to build out a new site for me and it uses the Laravel Framework. I don’t know anything else about Laravel.

In 2014 I thought I was going to host websites; that was my second reason for getting this server. But then I quickly learned that I should put client sites over on SiteGround, otherwise people would ask me crazy questions about DNS propagation, send out emails to get my IP blacklisted, forget passwords and ask for help with databases. NOPE. That isn’t going to happen. Thankfully, other parts of my business took off.

But I do like having a server.

Not a sales pitch

I am not selling anything, in fact if someone wants to stick a site on here I probably won’t charge them anything assuming we can work out some kind of trade. I have the server space anyways, why not use it?