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Is my website down?

On occasion people can access major sites, such as Google, but may not be able to reach another site such as their own, or maybe a site such as Before assuming that your web hosting provider is at fault or jumping to other conclusions the first […]

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What is shared hosting?

A web server is a computer that serves websites. Web servers can host more than one website. A site that get a LOT of traffic may need a dedicated server(s). This costs thousands of dollars. On shared hosting, hosting usually is discounted down to $10/mo or so […]

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How To Properly 301 Redirect a Website

It is with great discontent that in 2015 I am still seeing business’s Internet presences completely destroyed by people and even “marketing companies” who have no idea how to properly 301 redirect a website. The proper way to 301 redirect a website: Copy all of the files […]

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A video of fast web hosting – WordPress in under 1 second

There are a lot of things that you can do to make WordPress run faster – combining scripts, compressing this and that, caching pages, etc., but, one thing you can’t do is control the speed of the computer which hosts your website, unless, you buy or lease […]

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Server Uptime

Telapost.NET server stats:

Server Specs

Dual XEON E3-1240 v3 CPUs
RAID Solid State Hard Drives
Offsite Backup
0.02% Capacity